The history of the Football in Colac dates back to 1896 where football was played right around the local districts, Leagues including Corangamite Farmers Association, Otway Football Association, the Polwarth league, the Colac and District Churches Football Association and the Geelong and District Football League were just a few of the completions running in the area during the period leading up to 1938.

It is hard to know when the Colac Football club actually formed but many believe that it was a culmination of many of the teams falling into obscurity after short history’s including the Colac Wanders whose home ground was behind the East Hotel.

Colac enjoyed success in many of the afore mentioned leagues and the club won three of the last four premierships in the Corangamite Football League before that league disbanded in 1934.

1937 saw the birth of the Colac and District Football League but it wasn’t until 1939 that the club joined the CDFL and had immediate success winning the Premiership in their first year. The club was looking forward to a long and successful history in the CDFL but the war came and many players enlisted this meant that the CDFL went into recess during the 2nd world war.

The CDFL competition resumed again in 1945 but the Colac Football Club decided during 1948 that they wanted to transfer to the very strong Hampden Football League Competition.

The Club went and searched for the highest profile coach they could find and they landed Essendon Premiership Ruckman Jack Cassin who had an immediate impact on the club and the competition.